The philosophy at The Carolina Floor Project is very simple: If something is unpleasant for me as a consumer, then it is likely unpleasant for my customers- don't do those things. We welcome the fact that in this age of the internet, consumers today are more educated and more powerful than ever! You have done your research and you want be treated the same way I want to be treated as a fellow consumer- fairly, honestly, and with respect. From day one our mission has been to give you the most value for your money and a customer service experience that you will gladly share with a friend or colleague. We offer only the highest quality epoxy, concrete coatings, and installation processes in the industry. We look forward to helping you with your next floor project.

                                                                                  Jason Lilly

OUR SERVICES                                 

Epoxy coatings

epoxy chip floors

color quartz floors

metallic epoxy floors

concrete stain

cemetitious urethane

moisture tolerant epoxies

fast cure polyaspartics

sanitary cove base

diamond grinding

coating/adhesive removal


Add some color! 

Kitchens, bathrooms, patios, any concrete floor

If it's concrete, we have a unique, functional, durable, easy to clean, and affordable way to beautify your space. Consider concrete stain, color quartz, metallic epoxy, or a custom design to make your floor stand out from the rest. Call for a free consultation and unique ideas for your floor project today! 


Take the worry out of water ruining your basement floor! Moisture is a very common concern for basement flooring. Whether you are replacing old carpet, hardwoods, vinyl, or starting new, an epoxy floor installation or concrete stained floor can provide the most functional and aesthetically appealing solution.

If moisture in the concrete pad is apparent, our team will test your concrete using methods to meet specifications of ASTM 2004 protocol to determine the moisture vapor emission escaping from the concrete. If the moisture content of the concrete exceeds the limits of a standard epoxy, we will install a vapor

barrier or breathable concrete sealer to ensure a long lasting floor. Not only will your new epoxy or stained concrete floor be beautiful and durable, it also will be water resistant, chemical resistant, and easily cleaned!


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