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So you've decided to protect your concrete floor with an epoxy (resinous) coating. Poorly installed epoxy floors are very common, so we will address several very important factors that will impact the quality of your epoxy floor. A Carolina Floor Project installation will include the following steps to ensure you get a floor that matches the demands of your garage and lasts a lifetime. No two customers are exactly the same, so we help identify the best solution for each customer individually.

Initial consultation

  • How do you use your garage floor?
  • Are you doing heavy mechanical work, dropping wrenches, spilling gas, brake fluid, harsh chemicals?
  • What are your priorities? Aesthetics, function, price?
  • How much slip resistance is needed?
  • Do you leave your garage door open? Does your garage face south leaving it most vulnerable to UV damage?

Browse samples and design your floor


  • Diamond grinding the floor. Proper floor prep is essential to a successful epoxy coating. Resinous epoxy floors are chemically created to bond to the open pores of your concrete pad. If you do not grind or shot blast the surface of your floor, you will not get the proper mechanical bond of the epoxy to the concrete and will soon see delamination of the coating(peeling)- most commonly from hot tires and foot traffic.
  • Patch all imperfections and expansion joints (if requested)
  • Base/Primer coat of 100% solids epoxy
  • Broadcast vinyl chips or color quartz if desired. 
  • If only a pigmented epoxy is needed, the base coat would be sanded to remove any imperfections from debris or outgassing from the prepped concrete.
  • A clear top coat of epoxy or a polyaspartic would be applied to provide UV or additional scratch resistance.
  • Additional top coats of a high performance urethane can be applied for additional protection if needed.



The philosophy at The Carolina Floor Project is very simple: If something is unpleasant for me as a consumer, then it is likely unpleasant for my customers- don't do those things. We welcome the fact that in this age of the internet, consumers today are more educated and more powerful than ever! You have done your research and you want be treated the same way I want to be treated as a fellow consumer- fairly, honestly, and with respect. From day one our mission has been to give you the most value for your money and a customer service experience that you will gladly share with a friend or colleague. We offer only the highest quality epoxy, concrete coatings, and installation processes in the industry. We look forward to helping you with your next floor project.

                                                                                  Jason Lilly

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