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stained concrete overlay

concrete stain with layered colors



concrete stain basement

epoxy w/ light chip broadcast

full broadcast of vinyl chips

The philosophy at The Carolina Floor Project is very simple: If something is unpleasant for me as a consumer, then it is likely unpleasant for my customers- don't do those things. We welcome the fact that in this age of the internet, consumers today are more educated and more powerful than ever! You have done your research and you want be treated the same way I want to be treated as a fellow consumer- fairly, honestly, and with respect. From day one our mission has been to give you the most value for your money and a customer service experience that you will gladly share with a friend or colleague. We offer only the highest quality epoxy, concrete coatings, and installation processes in the industry. We look forward to helping you with your next floor project.

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full broadcast of vinyl chips

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Epoxy coatings

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color quartz floors

metallic epoxy floors

concrete stain

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metallic epoxy

Residential Concrete Stain in Raleigh, NC

metallic epoxy basement

color quartz garage

Epoxy coatings

  • Pigmented epoxies
    Choose a standard color from our color chart or customize with your favorite team color and logo! Slip resistance can be added if needed.
  • Vinyl chips/epoxy flakes
    Choose a standard blend or customize your own. Apply a full broadcast or simply add a light broadcast to achieve your desired affect. A full broadcast of epoxy chips (or broadcast to refusal) is a high build floor that is more impact resistant than a traditional light broadcast or single pigmented epoxy.
  • Color quartz
    Choose a standard blend or customize your own. This high build epoxy floor is also very impact resistant and can be installed as a single or double broadcast depending on use of the floor and the durability demands. Can be installed with any level of slip resistance.
  • Metallic epoxy
    An instant conversation piece for your guests or customers. The possibilities with metallic epoxy is seemingly endless. If aesthetics is your priority, metallic epoxy will not disappoint! Call for an appointment to see real samples and your guaranteed pricing. 919.986.1993

Concrete stain

  • If it's concrete, we can stain it! This is one of the most beautiful and affordable concrete coatings on the market. In many cases we can stain and seal your concrete floor for less than tile, hardwood, or even carpet! There are many colors and installation methods available to customize the look of your floor- a textured look, multi-layered marbling affects, acid or water based stains. Again, prep of your floor is essential to a beautifully stained concrete floor- all of our floors are prepped to highest industry standards to ensure long lasting beautiful floors.