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Stop worrying about water ruining your basement floor! Whether you are replacing old flooring or you’re completely starting over, installing an epoxy floor can provide the most functional and aesthetically appealing solution.

If there is moisture apparent in the concrete pad, our team will test your concrete using methods that meet conditions of ASTM 2004 protocol to determine the moisture vapor emission escaping from the concrete. If the amount of moisture in the concrete exceeds the limits of a standard epoxy, we will install a vapor barrier or breathable concrete sealer to ensure a long-lasting floor. 

Not only will your new epoxy floor be beautiful and durable, it also will be water resistant, chemical resistant, and easy to clean!
Ask about how we can add a sanitary cove base for kitchens or food processing to seamlessly connect the floor and wall, keeping bacteria out of seams and meeting the Environmental Health Department's sanitary requirements. This is longer lasting and more durable than a vinyl cove base.

No matter what epoxy flooring you choose for your commercial business, The Carolina Floor Project is sure to make it all your own!
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