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The Carolina Floor Project specializes in high quality, expert installations of epoxy flooring and stained concrete for both residential and commercial applications. Our company was created by a former sales consultant and hands on do-it-yourselfer who saw the opportunity to take well established, extraordinary customer service habits to the concrete flooring industry. The philosophy here is very simple: If something is unpleasant for me as a consumer, then it is likely unpleasant for my customers- don't do those things.  We welcome the fact that in this age of the internet, consumers today are more educated and more powerful than ever! They have done their research, they have been to your website, they have inquired with friends, colleagues, and neighbors for referrals and they want to be treated the same way we want to be treated as fellow consumers- fairly, honestly, and with respect. From day one, our focus has been to give the customer the most value for their money and a customer service experience that they will gladly share with a friend or colleague. How do we do this?

   •   Listen and give accurate expectations
         What are your goals and priorities- aesthetics, functionality, safety, price? We practice open communication and do not want to tell                   you what you want to hear just to under-deliver and disappoint in the end. We confidently and consistently deliver high quality and                   quick turn around on our floors because we employ the highest quality experienced installers.
  •  Show up on time and do what we say we will do!
       Sounds simple, right? It is if you are important to your contractor! Your project is very important to us and we pride ourselves on                         delivering your project on time and as expected. 
  •  Install it like it was going in my own home or business
       The owner will be onsite at every project to ensure quality control, and install teams are incentivized to do whatever is necessary to                 maintain the industry's highest standard for quality installations. Your floor carries a warranty broader in scope and longer in duration           than the industry standard, and we're smart enough to know that it costs much less to do it right the first time than to re-install a failed           floor.
  •  Guaranteed Pricing
       Every project starts with a detailed statement of work, a warranty document, and a guaranteed price. If we have overlooked something         that adds costs to the project, it's our problem not yours.

Please take a look through the rest of our website to learn more about our process and products, then fill out an online request for a quote or pick up the phone and call 919-986-1993. We look forward to hearing from you!

Warm Regards,

The Lilly Family
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