Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Durability & Safety Where They Count ]

The Carolina Floor Project realizes you take your industrial facility and what occurs within it very seriously. A durable epoxy floor can help you make sure your safety and productivity goals are met. We can provide the following industrial services:
• Thin Mil Epoxy with Urethane Topcoat
100% solids epoxy installed over a concrete substrate, typically 2-3 coats. Great for just about any light- to medium-traffic industrial space.

Durable, seamless, waterproof, chemical and stain resistant, and easy to clean. We can add increased levels of slip resistance as desired.
• Cementitious Urethane Floor System
Urethane cement flooring is ideal for industrial applications where floors are subject to thermal shock and high impact. They are commonly installed in food processing facilities, commercial kitchens, coolers and freezers, and other high-impact areas.

Thermal shock resistant, increased durability, seamless, waterproof, chemical and stain resistant, easy to clean. We can apply a thin or thick topcoat to achieve desired level of texture and slip resistance.
• Industrial epoxy floor
Specialized industrial epoxies mixed with silica sand or quartz to create an extremely durable, high-compressive-strength mortar, which is troweled down up to 1/4 inch thick for the highest durability and increased chemical resistance. Ideal for heavy industrial use, forklift traffic, and high-impact use.

Increased compressive strength and chemical resistance, seamless, waterproof, stain resistant, and easy to clean. Varying levels of slip resistance available.

[ Multi-Color Floors & Walkway Striping ]

Complete your floor plan with additional safety measures meant to highlight floor areas with multiple colors, such as walkways or lanes. Use bright colors and patterns to help organize your industrial space or help keep employees and guests safe from hazardous materials or equipment. Give us a call to customize your industrial epoxy flooring.
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