Epoxy Flooring

[Epoxy Flooring for Cary, Raleigh & Holly Springs, NC ]

The Carolina Floor Project has a full array of epoxy flooring options for you to choose from. We serve the greater Cary, NC; Raleigh, NC; and Holly Springs, NC areas. Our epoxy flooring options including the following:
  •  Pigmented Epoxies
       Choose a standard color from our color chart or personalize your floor with your                       favorite team color and logo! Slip resistance can be added if needed.

  •  Vinyl Chips/Epoxy Flakes
       Choose a provided blend or create your own. We can apply a full broadcast or simply             add a light broadcast to achieve your desired effect. A full broadcast of epoxy chips (or           broadcast to refusal) is a high-build floor that is more impact resistant than a                               traditional light broadcast or single pigmented epoxy. Click here to see color choices!

  •  Color Quartz
       Choose a standard blend or customize your own. This high-build epoxy floor is also                   impact resistant and can be installed as a single or double broadcast depending on use           of the floor and the durability demands. It can also be installed with any level of slip                 resistance.  Click here to see our color chart!

  •  Metallic Epoxy
       An instant conversation piece for your guests or customers. The possibilities with                    metallic epoxy are seemingly endless. If aesthetics are your priority, metallic epoxy will          not disappoint! 


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If you're interested in our professional epoxy flooring services, call us today to learn more about the options we offer!
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