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 Professionally installed garage floors with a lifetime guarantee against delamintaion. 
"Our floors won't peel up!"

[Garage Flooring for Cary, Raleigh & Holly Springs, NC ]

If you’re ready to protect your concrete floor with an epoxy coating, you’ve come to the right place. At Carolina Floor Project, we offer quality garage flooring services to the greater Cary, NC; Raleigh, NC; and Holly Springs, NC areas. A Carolina Floor Project installation will include the following steps to ensure you get a floor that matches the demands of your garage and lasts a lifetime:
Your Initial Consultation:
• How do you use your garage floor? 
• Are you doing heavy mechanical work; dropping wrenches; or spilling gas, brake fluid, or harsh chemicals?
• What are your priorities? Aesthetics, function, price?
• How much slip resistance is needed?
• Do you leave your garage door open? Does your garage face south, leaving it vulnerable to damage from UV rays?
Our Installation Process:
• Diamond grind the floor. Proper floor prep is essential to a successful epoxy coating. 
• Patch all imperfections and expansion joints (if requested).
• Base/primer coat of 100% solids epoxy.
• Broadcast vinyl chips or color quartz if desired.
• If only a pigmented epoxy is needed, the base coat would be sanded to remove any imperfections from debris or outgassing from the prepped concrete.
• A clear top coat of epoxy or a polyaspartic applied to provide UV or additional scratch resistance.
• Additional top coats of a high-performance urethane can be applied for additional protection if needed.

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If it's concrete you’re looking for, we have a unique, functional, durable, easy to clean, and affordable way to beautify your space. Consider concrete stain, color quartz, metallic epoxy, or a custom design to make your floor stand out from the rest. Call for a free consultation and unique ideas for your garage flooring today! 
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